Saturday, 23 July 2011

CFA Career Benefits

The benefits of becoming a CFA Charterholder or Candidate include:

  • Global Recognition : With a six-decade history of maintaining a rigorous focus on globally relevant investment knowledge, the CFA Program is the most widely known and respected investment credential in the world. 
  • Credibility — Clients and colleagues will immediately acknowledge your skill
  • Respect — Your efforts connect you with the prestige of existing charter-holders
  • Competitive Advantage — Employers and clients require professionals who demonstrate competence in implementing international investment strategies
  • Knowledge with a Global Perspective — A practice analysis is conducted every five years to determine a globally relevant, broad-based curriculum 
  • Connections : Earning the CFA charter places you in the company of an elite group of more than 90,000 respected investment professionals. Access to their collective expertise, networks, and resources is an invaluable asset.

Total number of Charterholders in India : 548

Profiles offered:

Accountant/Auditor       Relationship Manager
Broker                               Research Analyst
Chief level Executive     Risk Manager
Consultant                        Strategist
Trader                                Financial Adviser
Portfolio Manager           Corporate Financial Analyst

Some of the companies that hire CFA in India:
FMR Corporation                        HDFC Group
Deutsche Bank                        HSBC
Edelweiss Capital Limited             JPMC ICICI Group                               Citigroup Franklin Templeton Investments            
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney