About Us

X-Fin is the finance club at XIMB. This committee emphasizes on developing finance acumen among the student community by providing tutorials, knowledge sharing sessions, talks, seminars and also by conducting live projects. It is a forum for lively discussion and debate among the finance enthusiasts of the institute.
  •   It ‘inducts’ fresh MBA students to the world of finance, as most of them are alien to this mammoth world of numbers and strategies.
  •   X-Fin’s activities spill over from the arena of academics into practical trading in the stock market.
  •   X-Fin organizes various events around the year. Finomics (a national level panel discussion), Bizdom (a quizzing game), Tradewars (online trading game), Lucratif (portfolio designing event) are some of the events conducted by X-Fin.
  • X-Fin also issues a newsletter Finesse weekly, which revolves around the latest financial news especially the stock markets. X-Fin publishes a monthly magazine, Plutos which contains articles contributes by colleges all over India. 
For any queries and suggestions, please drop a mail to xfin@ximb.ac.in